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A will, also known as a testament, is a legal document created by you that names the person who will manage your estate and explains how your property will be transferred upon your death.  If you have minor children, a will also names a guardian for those children.  

Why Create a Will?
Discussing and drafting wills can be difficult, because it forces you to consider your own death. However, not creating a will can place great burdens and stress on your loved ones and make a difficult situation even more challenging. 

If you die without a will, you’ll be said to have died intestate and your property will be distributed under California's laws of intestacy.

If a will isn’t prepared according to required formalities it may be found defective in a court of law. Because there are important legal considerations in drafting wills, working with an experienced attorney can help ensure that your wishes are accurately captured and carried out. If you’d like legal guidance, the attorneys at Vaught & Boutris LLP provide a full range of estate planning services.