Vaght Boutris LLP

Tax Collection

The law firm handles all types of substantial tax collection matters involving the IRS, Franchise Tax Board, California Board of Equalization and the Employment Development Department.  We work closely with our clients to devise an optimal strategy which may involve a payment plan, an offer in compromise, or a bankruptcy.  In many cases our clients face multiple tax liabilities with multiple taxing agencies and are in need of immediate assistance to stop wage garnishments, bank levies and seizures by the tax authorities.

We provide resolutions for tax collection problems which may include:

Filing a Collection Due Process Appeal with the IRS to stop collection action and to request an alternative to enforced collection action.

Submit an offer in compromise to resolve a tax debt for a substantially reduced amount.

Amend tax returns or submit an audit reconsideration request in order to adjust liabilities that were assessed but are erroneous or are now contested.

Negotiate an installment payment agreement over a term as long as 72 months.

Order and analyze formal tax transcripts to determine if the tax agency has properly determined the tax liability and applied payments.

Obtain releases of wage or bank levies.

Negotiate “Currently Non-Collectible” status while the client is undergoing a financial hardship.

Apply for “innocent spouse relief” if the tax liability was due to the underrerporting of income by a spouse on a joint tax return.

Negotiate releases of tax liens so that the client can obtain a loan to pay off the tax debt.

Obtaining and evaluating tax transcripts to determine if the 10-year collection statute may have expired or is close to expiring.

Evaluating the advantages of filing for bankruptcy to discharge the tax debts.   This may involve a strategy over a two to three year time period in order to allow the taxes to age sufficiently for discharge.