Vaght Boutris LLP

Criminal Tax Investigations and Prosecutions

The law firm has experience defending administrative and Grand Jury investigations and criminal prosecutions where allegations include failure to report income, overstated business expenses or deductions, failure to file tax returns, presentation of false documentation, cash transactions, failure to pay trust fund employment taxes, failure to file foreign account information reports such as FBARs and evasion of tax collection.  We understand that a criminal investigation or prosecution can be a devastating experience for any person.  We have had success in establishing early communication with investigators in order to present factual and legal arguments to defuse an investigation and hopefully move the case to a non-criminal status. 

Our firm is able to apply its tax and legal expertise to explore every possible defense, every mitigating circumstance and create a legal strategy to respond to any criminal tax investigation or prosecution.  We believe it is imperative to have qualified tax counsel as soon as possible in this process in order to avoid decisions that could be irrevocable and have disastrous consequences.